Just Plain Etiquette (JPE)                      
               “The Simple Art of Business & Social Manners”
                     is an education and training company
                             created to serve all people.   
                                  Just Plain Etiquette
                       programs are designed to reinforce the
                importance of proper and acceptable etiquette in
                          business and social environments.                                          
                          FABALI USA
                    Apparel & Promotional Products
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FABALI WORLD is the Official Sportswear Sponsor for the CEO Golfers World Challenge 2010 (www.ceogolfers.org).  The tournaments are coordinated by World Trade Centers from around the world.  The 2010 tournaments are coordinated by WTC Monte Carlo–Monaco (ITALY) and WTC Palm Beach (USA)  The 2010 semi-final tournaments include the countries of Italy (Milan), Germany (Munich), Netherlands (Arnhem), U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi), and United States (Boca Raton) with the final championship tournament being played at Donald Trump International Golf Club (Palm Beach County, Florida).
Scott Management Agency (SMA) was established to provide management and leadership  for aspiring young trained vocalist and instrumentalist.  At Scott Management Agency we believe that classical music should be heard around the world.  Our mission is to direct and guide the careers of classical artists in operas, recitals, concerts, and oratorio works giving the public audiences the exposure to the great songs that are hidden and heard by few.

FABALI WORLD is a member of the World Trade Center Atlanta, located in Atlanta, GA.